A Parent’s Guide To Child-Safe Blinds

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Being a parent is delightful. The first time you lay eyes on your child is a memory that sticks with you forever, and watching them grow is genuinely magical. Yes, you lose a lot of sleep, don’t get to go to the cinema as much, and the financial strain is astonishing, but hearing your baby giggle makes it all worth it.

But one unexpected side-effect of being a parent is you become more paranoid. Everyday items you wouldn’t think twice about in your child-free days become potential health traps overnight. Plug sockets and loose coins transform into potentially life-changing hazards, and you worry about the best way to keep your baby safe at home. Luckily, you can take steps to ease your worries and make your home safer. We can’t help with keeping your cleaning products hidden or rounding off the edges of coffee tables, but we can give some advice on making your window blinds safer.

Here at Appeal, we have staff who are parents, and we understand how important child safety is. That’s why we provide a range of child-safe blinds. Read on to find out more.

How To Make Window Blinds Safer

You probably didn’t think window blinds could be dangerous until you had a baby crawling around. Manually-operated window blinds usually have a cord hanging down, and when an infant starts to explore the world, that cord can become a hazard. 

Honeycomb ClearView Gable-End Blinds


If you want to install a set of blinds with no risk of your child tying themselves up or pulling a heavy set of blinds off the wall, we’ve got good news; we have a wide range of child-safe blinds available. Whether you’re looking for Honeycomb style blinds, our popular French Pinoleum blinds, or a practical Pleated style, they can all be modified to be child-safe. 

Our blinds can be remotely operated using ULTRA® Smart technology, so you can raise or lower them at the touch of a button. There are no hanging wires for curious rugrats to tie themselves up in, just safe, efficient blinds that provide excellent shading. 

Of course, some homeowners still like their blinds to be manually operated. If that’s the case, we can customise your blinds so they’re safer. We can design them so that the cord stays out of reach 1.5m off the floor and include tensioning devices to reduce the risk even further. 

ULTRA Smart Honeycomb blinds on doors and roof


Customisable Blinds From Appeal

These blinds aren’t necessarily just for new or expectant parents either. Pet owners will also benefit from them, especially those with dogs that get over-excited whenever the doorbell rings. Our blinds are built to last and can be tailored to your exact designs. 

And that’s not all; you won’t need to sacrifice style for safety. If you have a particular colour or design in mind, it can be made child safe. We have over thirty years of experience installing blinds and we take home safety very seriously. Contact us today if you’re interested in installing a new set of child-friendly window blinds or even adapting an existing installation. You can request a free design consultation or download a free brochure to find out more.