Special Features

To Appeal, attention to detail is all-important.  We truly value the meaning of ‘bespoke’ and use only state of the art manufacturing techniques to ensure that our range of premium quality window shutters meets all possible performance and style criteria.

Kiln-Cured Timber

Appeal shutters are subjected to a special conditioning technique known as kiln-curing, in which the premium wood used in the construction of our shutters is deliberately cured in a kiln. This happens slowly, at low temperatures and leads to a substantial reduction in post-installation shrinking and swelling.

This helps our wood to resist the moisture content typical of the atmosphere in this part of the world. It’s the kind of unique performance advantage that comes as standard in home shading products from Appeal.

Reinforced Stiles for Exceptional Stability and Durability

Mortice and Tenon Joints

We use mortice and tenon joints in the construction of our shutters because they provide unrivalled strength and lasting durability. Some of our competitors use dovetail or dowel joints in their shutters, which are only suitable for lightweight applications.

Hand Finishing

Our highly skilled craftsmen carry out an intensive and painstaking hand finishing process on every shutter, which entails multiple sequences of sanding and coating with thin layers of stain or paint. This is the only way to achieve the elegant, translucent, deep finish that is typical of Appeal wood shutters.

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