Thermal Blinds for Conservatories

Thermal blinds in a conservatoryAn amazing 70% of heat enters or leaves a conservatory through its roof. This means that your conservatory, orangery, lean-to or extension can become far too hot in the summer and very cold in the winter.

Sound familiar?

Then thermal blinds from Appeal will provide the perfect solution. Conservatory roof blinds give both thermal control and reduce glare in the conservatory to keep the conservatory cool and  reflect heat away during the summer.

Ensuring that the thermal blinds fit properly and provide maximum protection against the sun is vital. This is where Appeal’s expertise comes in. No two conservatories, orangery’s, lean-to’s or extension roofs are identical so it is important that specialist thermal blinds are installed for maximum effect and the best appearance. At Appeal we are experts in the design, manufacture and installation of this kind of conservatory roof blind.

Appeal offer two EXCLUSIVE ranges of thermal blinds:

Installed pleated thermal blinds in conservatory

Pleated Thermal blinds – stylish and neat looking, these discretely fold away when retracted. Appeal’s unique Alu-Pleat fabric gives an unbeatable 85% heat reflection – perfect for solving the problem of a conservatory that gets too hot.



Solar R thermal blinds installedSolar R Roller Blinds – using a similar fabric material to Alu-Pleat, these blinds give a clean contemporary look without the need for guide wires in the roof. With 85% heat reflection Solar R is again perfect for controlling the temperature and reducing the sun’s glare in the conservatory.

To learn more about other options for your orangery, lean-to, extension or conservatory blinds please click here.

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