Which Shutters For French Doors are Best?

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At Appeal Home Shading, we offer stunning shutters that can give you control over your French doors. While French doors can open your home up to nature, sometimes you want to block it out. That’s why our range of shutters can help – our designs use resilient timber to give you a shutter that’s durable and lightweight. That way, they’re easy to use and make a big impact.

When you close the shutters for your French doors, you can get more privacy for your home. You’ll block out prying eyes, unwanted noise and intense light for your living space as well. And, when you want to enjoy the sunshine, you can simply adjust the flexible louvres or open the shutters wide, giving you more flexibility in your home.

At Appeal, we offer a wide range of shutters for French doors. You’ll get more choice with us, including in the precise size, design and colour. Also, no matter your selection, we’ll make your shutters precisely to your order, meaning they’ll be made-to-measure for your French doors. You’ll get a perfect fit, and performance that lasts when you work with us!

The Benefits of Shutters for French Doors

With shutters for your French doors, you can control the light entering your home. While French doors are bright, sleek designs, sometimes excess light can reflect from off the glass, creating an uncomfortable glare. With our shutters, you can stop the glare affecting your living space, and you can adjust them carefully to get just the right amount of light for your home.

Our shutters are also robust timber designs for your French doors. Because of this, they’ll provide better insulation for your living space. Our shutters can act as an additional layer of insulation, protecting your home from the cold air outside and reflecting heat in the summer too. That way, you can save money on your energy bills and become more comfortable all year round.

When you choose our shutters for your French doors, you could even feel more secure inside your home. When you close the shutters completely, you’ll get complete coverage over the glazing section. Because of this, nobody will be able to look into your living space and target the things inside. Not only that, but you can get better soundproofing to relax without distraction!

Types of Shutters for French Doors

Premier Shutters for French Doors

Premier shutters are a versatile design for your French doors. The design features a durable hardwood which can retain its structure for years to come, giving your blinds stability. However, the design has a low density, making it lightweight and easier to use. When you close the shutters on your French doors, though, our designs come into their own. The durable hardwood offers great insulation, meaning you can make your living space more comfortable. Not only are they available in custom colour options to suit your decor, we’ll also cut our Premier shutters into any shape too, including for your French doors!

Classic Shutters for French Doors

Our Classic shutters add traditional quality to your French doors. French doors are already a smart, timeless option for your home, so our Classic designs suit them seamlessly. These shutters’ main benefit is their Light Density Fibreboard frame, which makes the shutters exceptionally light. Because of this, you can control every panel inside the shutters more easily, giving you precise lighting control when you need it. Also, the hardwood inside the design will keep its strength and its shape for decades to come.

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Eco-Wood Shutters for French Doors

Eco-wood shutters are a more environmentally friendly option for your French doors. Rather than use timber, we use off-cuts of the timber and comprise them into a wooden alternative. We use only precise cuts to create your shutters, too, meaning there’s no waste during the process. You’ll also be able to recycle the timber in your shutters once they begin to wear down, but that won’t happen for decades either. The Light Density Fibreboard combines wood fibres and resin to create a design that gives you superb insulation.

Plantation Shutters for French Doors

Plantation shutters are a classic design that retains its popularity in modern homes throughout the UK. For your French doors, it could add a new sense of class to the design. Plantation shutters are easy to use and effective when you do. That’s because you can control the light in a simple, straightforward way. When you close these shutters, you’ll be able to shut the world out completely. That way, you can create a more private space to relax and unwind in. Additionally, our Plantation range can protect you from intense sunlight, including preventing problems like furniture discolouration!

Bespoke Shutters for French Doors

If you’d like to explore our full range of shutters for French doors, get in touch today with our team!

You can request a free brochure today to discover our list of options and customisable features. You can then pick the design of your dreams in the precise size you need, and we’ll create a made-to-measure design with no cutting and trimming on-site. With a free design consultation, you can also speak to our expert team about your ideas seven days a week!

We look forward to helping you at Appeal!