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Bay window shutters are a stylish, authentic way to add traditional quality to your home. If you have bay windows, then there’s a strong chance you live in a classic property. But, if you want to protect those windows and your home from intense light and cold weather, blinds don’t fit as well. In classic homes, blinds can feel too soft and too sleek, and you can be left with operation spaces that let the light in.

That’s where bay window shutters from Appeal Home Shading come in. With our durable, authentic designs, you can get bespoke window shutters to fit any window. We offer a wide range of styles, and you can choose unique colours and finishes for your shutters as well. All of our designs are bespoke, meaning you can even build them for bay windows!

Bay window shutters from Appeal Home Shading do everything blinds can do and more. You’ll get superb insulation when you close them, full coverage of your window for a sleek design, and total privacy when you need it. Not only that, you can open them back up or simply tilt the adjustable louvres to let the full light of bay windows fill your home. You’ll have more control in your property with bay window shutters from Appeal!

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Why Choose Window Shutters?

In your home, you may be considering buying blinds. However, if your living space is more traditional, or you’d like to add something more authentic, blinds don’t usually cut it. With our window shutters, you can get a more durable design with the authentic look of timber. These shutters blend in with classic windows seamlessly, adding another layer of timeless style to your home.

Also, window shutters are more durable than blinds, and they’re low-maintenance designs. That means you won’t have to spend time repainting or revarnishing for decades to come. Instead, you can style your bay window shutters in one of various colours and finishes in confidence, knowing the design will last.

Window shutters are also brilliant for privacy. When you shut them, you’ll shut the outside world completely. You’ll get excellent sound insulation, making them ideal for bedrooms where you don’t want to be distracted. You’ll also get a made-to-measure fit to ensure total privacy, making them ideal for bathrooms. And, in bay windows, our shutters can insulate your home for years to come.

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The Benefits of Bay Window Shutters

In your bay window, shutters can have an even better effect. Because bay windows are traditional designs most popular in Victorian homes, shutters add to their style rather than taking it away. When you combine these windows with our shutters, you get an authentic look that gives your home period quality and modern performance in one.

Bay windows have an angular design, which means that intense light can reflect more from the glass panes. Fortunately, our window shutters can cancel out glare, making your living space more comfortable. Also, you can turn each louvre in the shutters precisely to achieve complete lighting control. That way, your living space will be as bright or as dark as you want it to be – always!

You can also be sure your bay window shutters will stand the test of time. They’ll continue to operate smoothly for decades without you needing to maintain them. Also, you’ll benefit from superb insulation. As a result, you could find that your home becomes warmer without you having to rely on your central heating. Appeal’s bay window shutters, then, could cut the cost of your household bills!

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Shutters for Curved Bay Windows

If your bay window is curved, then we can still provide our shutters. That’s because, at Appeal Home Shading, all of our shutters are bespoke. We make our blinds and shutters to your order, meeting your exact specifications, to make sure you get made-to-measure designs that provide complete coverage of your bay windows.

As a result, you can invest in our shutters, no matter the size or shape of your windows. There’s far more you can customise about our shutters, as well. With our range of colours and finishes, you can create a unique style that turns your bay windows into the centrepiece of your home. Your shutters will still work their best in any shape, thanks to the versatility of our designs.

With Appeal, getting bay window shutters has never been easier, either. With our friendly team, you can request a free design consultation and speak to our experts about your needs. From there, they can work with you to design dream bay window shutters that suit any shape and size. As a result, you’ll make a bespoke investment that benefits your home for decades to come.

Bay Window Shutters Prices

If you’d like to invest in brilliant bay window shutters at competitive prices for your home, reach out to Appeal Home Shading today!

You can request a free brochure to explore our full range or request a free design consultation to speak with our friendly team about your ideas.

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