Are Bathroom Shutters Waterproof?

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Are bathroom shutters waterproof? If you want to cover the windows in your bathroom, then finding ones that are is vital. You don’t want water splashing from your bath and shower area to cause your shutters’ problems through the years. However, old timber designs can wear and crack over time because of water damage.

As a result, these outdated shutters are becoming less and less useful for bathrooms. Instead, people are considering blinds for their homes. However, fabric blinds don’t do particularly well with water either. While they can initially resist it, high moisture environments can lead to mould build-up on the fabric over time, leading to the same trouble.

That’s where modern waterproof shutters for your bathroom from Appeal Home Shading come in. Our shutters use resilient timber with an ABS plastic coating to ensure they won’t lose their shape or strength because of water damage. They’ll continue to provide privacy, precise lighting control and superb thermal efficiency, keeping you comfortable inside your bathroom.

waterproof shutters for bathrooms

The Benefits of Waterproof Shutters

Waterproof shutters are a durable design for your home. Because of this, you can benefit from them for decades to come. We use resilient timber with an ABS plastic coating in our bathroom shutters to make sure water can’t affect them. Not only that, but the colours and finishes you choose for your shutters won’t fade or discolour. You won’t have to carry out any maintenance to keep your window shutters looking their best.

Window shutters also provide more traditional quality than blinds. While blinds have a soft look, they may not blend as well with heritage homes, cottages or other classic properties. If you own one of these, then our shutters could be the ideal fit. The timber blends seamlessly with older homes to complement them wonderfully.

Waterproof shutters will also give you better lighting control. Not only is the material more durable, meaning less light can pass through, but your shutters will have louvres that you can turn at precise angles. As a result, you can let light into your bathroom exactly how you want to, without compromising your privacy. Waterproof shutters will do this smoothly for decades too!

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Waterproof Shutters for Bathrooms

Waterproof shutters work particularly well in bathrooms. For a start, bathrooms are sensitive spaces. Because of this, you definitely don’t want prying eyes being able to look into the room. With our waterproof shutters, though, you’ll get a made-to-measure fit that provides complete coverage over your window. As a result, when you close your shutters, you’ll close any line of sight into the room.

Not only that, but shutters can stop your bathroom from being too hot or too cold. Our designs have impressive insulation, keeping you warm in the winter and reflecting heat during the summer. You’ll always be comfortable in your bathroom, then, and you won’t have to worry about the heat from it!

Finally, you can even prevent problems with your windows. In bathrooms, condensation can often develop on windows because of the steam that hot water generates. Shutters, though, insulate the windows themselves, meaning the mist is less likely to develop. As a result, waterproof shutters could make your windows last for years longer as well.

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Waterproof Shutters from Appeal Home Shading

At Appeal Home Shading, we’re proud to offer waterproof shutters for bathrooms, kitchens and anywhere else in your home. When you choose us for your new shutters, you’ll get more choice in how they enhance your home. That’s because we allow you to personalise the design of your new shutters fully, with our broad range of colours, finishes and more.

When you order our shutters, you can choose the precise size of them to fit any window. From there, we’ll manufacture your waterproof shutters to order, making sure they fit perfectly. You can even fit windows with obscure shapes and sizes!

Appeal’s waterproof shutters are great for other rooms too. You could fit them in your kitchen, going above your sink to ensure no water damage from food preparation. You could fit our shutters in your bedroom, ideal for enjoying it without any distractions. If you have bay windows or even curved windows, we can create shutters to suit them too! You’ll have total control when you choose Appeal Home Shading.

Waterproof Shutters for Bathrooms Prices

You can discover our full range of waterproof shutters for high moisture environments today when you get in touch with Appeal Home Shading.

You could request a free brochure in seconds, showcasing our full range of window shutters, blinds, and so much more.

Also, we offer free design consultations with our friendly team. That means, before you buy, you can explore all the options and work with experts to find the right waterproof shutters for you.

We look forward to helping you at Appeal Home Shading!