How To Stop Your Conservatory Overheating

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A common problem for homeowners with conservatories or orangeries is excessive heat and how to stop their living spaces from overheating. Many people worry that they cannot enjoy these spaces at the hotter times of the year. But modern shading solutions such as those offered from Appeal can help.

This issue of conservatories overheating often stems from the fact that many older designs are not fully energy efficient. Many conservatories and properties built in the UK were designed to retain heat in mind. This meant that if a homeowner ever found themselves with a cold and rainy day (as is all too common in the UK), a conservatory would remain warm and cosy.

However, this becomes an issue when the outdoors are incredibly sunny. This means that conservatories’ abilities to retain heat effectively becomes a disadvantage, rather than an advantage. This held heat can become overbearing, making them incredibly uncomfortable and even inhospitable.

As such, conservatories can become uncomfortable for a significant part of the year, which can be quite limiting and disheartening for many homeowners. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide on how to stop your conservatory overheating with home shading.

Overheating occurs when your conservatory’s ability to retain heat inside clashes with the hot weather outside. How does this happen? Conservatories are often built using energy efficient glass. Whether the windows are single, double or triple glazed, they all possess small pockets of space between the panels of glass. This effectively reduces heat transfer from the inside to the outside, trapping inside your home. So how can the right shading help with this?

conservatory roof blinds

Conservatory Roof Blinds

Blinds not only block out the sun’s light, but they are also very effective at blocking out its heat too. Our conservatory roof blinds can effectively act as a barrier to prevent unnecessary amounts of heat retention, meaning that homeowners can begin to enjoy their conservatories all year round.

Our conservatory roof blinds are designed to provide effective shading for an extension that is mostly comprised of glass. This means that even during the sunniest of days you won’t be blinded by overbearing sunlight as our blinds create a cool and shaded space. The reduced glare can help you relax, stopping the sun from obscuring your conservatory’s television or tablet devices, and even preventing harmful UV ray exposure.

Our free design consultations make investing in our shading solutions as straightforward as possible. We’ll visit your home to get the very best idea of how your overheated conservatory looks and feels. We offer made to measure conservatory roof blinds that will fit perfectly in your extended space. This means that you won’t have to deal with annoying drooping or light gaps, as every length and width has been expertly accounted for to fit perfectly in your conservatory.

Our conservatory roof blinds are fully customisable. Choose from our wide range of colours available, creating a shaded interior that matches with the aesthetics and décor of your property.

conservatory overheating blinds

How to Stop Your Conservatory from Overheating?

Our conservatory roof blinds may very well be the answer you are looking for. Our hexagonal honeycomb cellular structure fabric has proven to be an incredibly thermal barrier, as it prevents excess solar gain from the outdoors. Enjoy your conservatory again and whenever you please with our conservatory roof blinds.

To find out more about how you can prevent overheating in your conservatory, arrange your free design consultation to give you a clear idea about how we can enhance the style and performance of your space. If you are interested in our many other shading, request our free brochure online today.