Conservatory Curtains vs Conservatory Blinds

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What’s the difference between conservatory curtains and blinds? The difference can often be quite stark. If you want to get more control of your conservatory, then an effective and affordable way to do it is to get covers for the glass. However, you often have to choose between curtains and blinds, and it’s hard to know which to pick.

Conservatory curtains are good at dealing with draughts and preventing the greenhouse effect. However, these thick designs can stack on the floor, become messy, and leave gaps for light and cold air to pass into your space. Curtains can also be quite expensive to install, and they might not fit with a more modern space in your home.

That’s why, at Appeal Home Shading, we believe in conservatory blinds for your living space. Our blinds are made-to-measure, meaning they’ll have a perfect fit. We use durable materials to give you superb insulation too, stopping the greenhouse effect, and you can choose from a wide range of blind styles and colours too.

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The Problems with Conservatory Curtains

Conservatory curtains have plenty of benefits for your home. As they use quite thick materials, they offer good insulation and protection from draughts. Because of this, you can use your conservatory more often in the colder months, and you can reduce glare from the sun in the summer. However, curtains are quite heavy designs, which makes them difficult to use.

If you want to open conservatory curtains, it can be quite an effort. You’ll have to pull them apart manually in most cases, and the material in the curtains can crease over time. Because of this, conservatory curtains can quickly look messy. Not only that, but the fabric could wash out over time when it’s exposed to sunlight.

Finally, conservatory curtains can look outdated. If you want to design a modern conservatory, then curtains can often bring the look back into the past, leaving your interior feeling tired and used. However, conservatory blinds are a more modern addition, combining sleek and elegant design with durable materials to keep your conservatory warm in style.

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The Advantages of Conservatory Blinds

With conservatory blinds, you’ll get more choice in how you style your conservatory. You can choose from a wide range of designs, such as Original French Pinoleum, Venetian and Pleated blinds. Not only that, Appeal offers the unique Honeycomb Energy-Saver blinds, designs which use a double-layered hexagonal weave to help you cut the cost of your energy bills over time.

Additionally, conservatory blinds can be sleek and elegant. You can invest in designs with soft fabrics such as Finestra blinds, ideal for conservatory doors and windows alike. You’ll even be able to customise your blinds in a range of colours or choose unique patterns for the design. That way, you’ll give your old conservatory a new lease of life.

Finally, Appeal’s conservatory blinds are highly functional. That’s because, with the option of ULTRA Smart technology, you can make your blinds remote-controllable. That means you’ll get blinds you can open and close at the touch of a button, or adjust to get just the right amount of light. Your blinds will be made-to-measure for a perfect fit too.

Conservatory Blinds from Appeal Home Shading

With Appeal Home Shading, you can choose conservatory blinds that are a step up on curtains. Our designs are durable, stylish and have the insulation you need to stay warm. Not only will you make your space more usable in winter, but you can feel more comfort in summer too. That’s because our blinds can reflect heat, too, keeping your space at just the right temperature.

Also, with ULTRA Smart technology across our range, you can make using your blinds a doddle. All you’ll have to do is press a button, and you’ll be able to shut the world out, make your space warmer, or get a little privacy when you feel you need it. You can choose frame-fit and blackout blinds with us too, and in a variety of sizes to cover any glass section.

Once you’ve got your ideal conservatory blinds, you’ll get a flawless installation as well. At Appeal, we value service above all else, which is why our installation team go above and beyond to work around you. You’ll get blinds that meet your exact requirements, fitted to your standards by a team treating your home as they would their own.

If you still want to find out more about why conservatory blinds could be a better solution than curtains for your living space, request a free design consultation with the team today. And, if you want to see our full range of options, you can request a free brochure. That way, you can get the big picture of why investing in our blinds could be blindingly obvious.

We look forward to hearing from you at Appeal Home Shading!