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As market leaders in the home shading market, we at Appeal Home Shading love the versatility our roller blinds bring to the home. Whether you’re looking to just add a little privacy to the home, or a splash of colour to a room, our roller blinds provide the perfect combination of both.

100% Recyclable

Eco blinds sustainable

As well as being versatile and practical, our roller blind range includes a variety of ECO fabrics – made from 100% recycled polyester! Plastic containers that have been recycled are recovered from various distribution centres around the UK. After the plastic has been recovered, it is processed into yarn by a mechanical recycling machine. The newly produced yarn is then distributed to our production centres as a fresh, sustainable material. This eco-friendly fabric is then used to produce our excellent and versatile ECO roller blinds! When you have your free design consultation with one of our informed and experienced team members, they will be able to point you towards the particular fabrics that have been manufactured in this manner. For your home to be as green as possible, you need to look no further than ECO roller blinds from Appeal Home Shading!

Automated with ULTRAⓇ Smart

eco blinds appeal

If you want your blinds to not only be made from sustainable fabrics but also be controllable from the touch of a button, our eco-friendly roller blinds can be fitted with our ULTRAⓇ Smart technology. With just the press of a button, your eco-friendly blinds can be lowered or retracted, ensuring that your home’s lighting is exactly how you want it to be. Furthermore, with ULTRAⓇ Smart ECO blinds, you never have to worry about dangling cords obstructing your views or endangering young children or pets. As the blinds are entirely automated with a battery motor, handling a cord to move your blinds will become a thing of the past. In addition, the blinds can be set to respond to light levels or temperature! Therefore, the blinds can act independently of your controls, depending on how you want to manage the light levels in your home. For the homeowner with Amazon Alexa or Google Smart installed, you can also use your voice to activate your blinds!

Bespoke to your Home

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We also want to make sure that all of our blinds, including ones made from sustainable fabrics, are exactly how our customers want them to be. As a result, our blinds are made bespoke to your home and manufactured to order. We will take the exact measurements required to ensure that your eco-friendly blinds will fit your window perfectly. We guarantee no excess trim or poor finishes on any of our blinds. We like to make sure that our customers are part of the design process. Therefore, we offer free design consultations to every potential client with one of our impartial and informed team members. When discussing with your consultant, you can point out that you would like your blinds to be made from sustainable fabrics. They will then point out the particular fabrics and colourways that can be manufactured in this fashion. After you have decided on the particular fabric and colour, you would like your blinds to be. We ensure that your new window shading fitting will be efficient and hassle-free.

A Greener Household with Appeal Home Shading

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With Appeal Home Shading, it could not be easier to move towards a greener household. With our ECO roller blinds, the materials that keep the temperature regulated in your home are made from 100% sustainable fabric. With this added level of temperature regulation, your home can benefit from improved thermal efficiency, meaning your energy bills are kept down throughout the year. Our ECO blinds keep your home warm in the winter as an added layer of protection against the cool air and cool in the summer as a layer of protection against excessive light. With our blinds, you can be assured that your home is operating at peak efficiency. With the utilities of ULTRAⓇ Smart technology, you can achieve a truly modern and technologically forward-thinking house.

If you’re interested in blinds from Appeal Home Shading, then please take up the opportunity for a free design consultation with one of our informed and impartial team members. With them, you can decide which blinds design is best for your home and ensure that you get the best sustainably sourced shading solution for your home. In the meantime, please request a free brochure from our website to have a look at our full range of window blinds and see if anything catches your eye. 

Our phone lines are open 24/7 on 0800 975 5757 for any customer with a specific question. We also have a free online quoting engine that can provide you with an approximate price for your blinds within minutes! However you choose to get in contact with us, we look forward to hearing from you.