Duette Pleated Blinds

Functionality without style is no good in a window blind. Which is why the Appeal range of innovative and attractive Duette Pleated Blinds combines high performance heat retention with eye-catching designer styling. This means you can choose a blind that works hard all year long and makes a chic contribution to your home décor scheme at the same time.

For any room in the home where warmth and general temperature control are important, our Duette Pleated Blinds are perfect. From a child’s nursery or playroom to an attic bedroom, these are the blinds that provide a comfortable and relaxing ambience whatever the season.

About Duette Pleated Blinds

Duette Pleated Blinds are similar in appearance to classic pleated blinds, but have some additional, clever design features. Rather than just one layer of fabric, they have a double-layered honeycomb construction that provides a stylish, yet functional window covering with high insulation properties.

This fabric layer is designed to deflect excessive heat during the summer, and provide insulation during the winter with a 60-80% thermal barrier. The hexagonal structure of the fabric traps the air passing through, helping to maintain comfortable temperatures by reducing the heat in the warmer summer months and similarly eliminating the chill factor during the colder winter months.

The insulation advantages of Duette Pleated Blinds are further enhanced by advanced remote control technology, which also makes them easy to both open and close. And in terms of appearance, their stylish streamlined look confirms the range’s broad design appeal and suitability for any room in the home.

Where the absence of light is important, as a comfort factor or to the overall design and function of the room, blackout blinds are also available. Because we fit these state of the art blinds with no visible cord holes, they work harder still at reducing light levels.

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