Plantation Shutters

Combining exceptional style and sophistication with light control and shading, Appeal Plantation Shutters enhance your windows and enrich your décor like no other home shading products. Known as Plantation Shutters because of their classic colonial influenced design, our window shutters are perfectly at home in any property and every room. From a contemporary townhouse to a country manor, from a lounge or bedroom to a bathroom or kitchen, Appeal Plantation Shutters always add class and a touch of distinction.

The Appeal range of Plantation Shutters is available in an extremely large choice of colours to match your interior decoration. And if you can’t find just the shade you’re looking for, we even offer custom colouring to ensure you can match your desired colour scheme. Also available is a range of natural finishes to complement every taste and a variety of hinges in a comprehensive selection of colours and finishes including stainless steel, brass and antique brass.

Plantation Shutters with maximum control

The benefits of the slim louvre design of our elegant Plantation Shutters enables simple and effective control of light and privacy, whilst maximising the usable space under the window. Open them and let the external light flood in, or close them for complete privacy. They also provide protection from the fading effects of direct sunlight; whilst for urban areas, shutters provide an additional barrier to intrusive outside noise and privacy from the street. They can even benefit your home in terms of temperature control, providing welcome insulation in the winter months and a cooling effect throughout the summer.

Ethically sourced Plantation Shutters

In the construction of Appeal Plantation Shutters, our carpenters use ethically sourced wood, known for its superior resistance to warping, twisting and shrinking. It is slow cured in a kiln at low temperatures to reduce any post-installation shrinking and swelling. And through a combination of style, functionality and longevity they are also a wonderful selling point in a house, often increasing the value of the property.

The beautiful timber used in our Plantation Shutters also lends itself to attractive finishes, lightness and strength, whilst its high stability makes it suitable for any shape or size of window, whether it be round, triangular or arched.

Appeal’s Plantation Shutters are also offered in five types of timber: North American Cedar, White Teak, Basswood,  Eco-Wood and Bathroom.

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