Insulating Thermal Blinds

Reduce your heating bills with insulating thermal blinds and shutters from Appeal

Unsurprisingly, windows are a major cause of heat loss from the average home, so the more windows you have the more heat you could be losing on a daily basis. This inevitably, will result in higher energy bills – especially in the winter months.

The good news is though that you can dramatically reduce this heat loss and in turn your energy bills, by using effective insulating thermal blinds and shutters at every window. And this isn’t just a possibility, it’s a fact. In a wide-ranging 2010 research programme sponsored by the Climate Change Fund, 10,000 homes in Scotland were photographed over a period of time using infrared technology to measure heat loss. The results, as recently reported by the BBC, have shown that closing shutters and blinds at dusk can actually be as effective as fitting double-glazing.

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In the words of Chiara Ronchini, Energy Efficiency Officer for Edinburgh World Heritage;
“The thermal imaging exercise really proved that very simple measures, like closing shutters at night can have a dramatic effect and make a dramatic improvement on the amount of heat being lost through the windows.”

Thermal Blinds from Appeal Home Shading

As the UK’s leading experts in bespoke home shading products with over 25 years of design, manufacturing and installation experience, Appeal is totally committed to helping our customers reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. And we can do this by promising an unrivalled range of insulating thermal blinds and shutters that not only look stunning, but also work very hard at preventing heat loss and consequently cutting your fuel bills.

All of our blinds and shutters help prevent heat loss, but of particular interest are our Duette Pleated Blinds and our Alu-Pleat® Blinds. Duette Pleated Blinds have a double-layered honeycomb construction, which ensures high insulation properties and our unique Alu-Pleat® pleated blinds have a special aluminium backing that provides excellent thermal reflection and retention. Solar R® blinds have the same properties as Alu-Pleat® but come in a roller blind format.

Through outstanding product design, detailed craftsmanship and innovative features, Appeal insulating thermal blinds and shutters can help you reduce your heating bills whilst also keep your home snug and warm throughout the colder months. In the summer months they’ll keep the room cool and shaded reducing the need for fans and air conditioning. Now that’s got to be appealing!

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