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My conservatory is either too hot or too cold. Can you quantify how blinds can solve those problems?

Whilst it is an accepted fact that conservatory blinds will help keep your conservatory cool in summer and warm in winter, it is a lot harder to quantify how much of a benefit they actually provide. With this in mind, Appeal approached Faber Maunsell — a leading international consultancy specialising in buildings, transport and environmental services engineering — to put our conservatory blinds (including our exclusive Alu-Pleat® climate control fabric) to the test.

Faber Maunsell devised a research model — a typical 3.5m × 3.5m conservatory, south-facing with standard double-glazed roof and side windows, attached to a semi-detached house and heated via a radiator connected to the main house heating system. The house and conservatory were both produced using industry standard software for thermal modelling and control measures were put in place to ensure the results were as accurate as possible.

The findings show that on a typically hot day in July, the temperature in the conservatory peaked at a stifling 43 degrees centigrade when no conservatory roof or side blinds were installed. With Appeal’s Pleated roof and side conservatory blinds in place, the peak temperature was reduced to 37 degrees centigrade, an impressive figure equalled by Appeal’s Original French Pinoleum fabric. Installing bespoke conservatory roof and side blind made from Appeal’s exclusive Alu-Pleat® fabric, however, would reduce the temperature in the conservatory still further — down to 35 degrees centigrade.

Therefore it can be seen that on a typical, hot summer day, the internal temperature of the conservatory can be reduced by up to 18% by installing Alu-Pleat® roof and side blinds from Appeal.

During winter, the addition of roof and side blinds to the conservatory would help reduce conservatory heating bills significantly, by keeping the warmth in. Pinoleum and Pleated conservatory blinds offer a saving of 17%, with Alu-Pleat® offering the greatest reduction at 18%, thanks to its aluminium backing. In context, the Energy Saving Trust advise that adding double-glazing to the average single-glazed home can reduce heat loss by up to 10%.

Furthermore, during the hottest part of the day when the sun is high in the sky and beating down on the roof of the conservatory, Appeal roof blinds have been proven to be three times more effective at reducing internal temperatures than side blinds alone. The research concluded that Appeal’s exclusive Alu-Pleat® fabric was the best performing material tested at reducing conservatory temperatures in summer and also for saving on heating bills in winter. Yet, whichever style of Appeal Conservatory Blinds you choose for your conservatory, the simple fact of having roof and side blinds installed will significantly reduce the internal temperature, limiting the need for expensive, carbon-emitting air-conditioning and fans. During the winter, conservatory blinds from Appeal will help reduce the carbon footprint of the conservatory by limiting the need for additional heating.

Our conservatory runs off our lounge, which we have just redecorated in a lovely shade of green. Would it be possible to match our roof and window blinds to this from Appeal’s Conservatory Blind selection?

Of course it would.

One of our greatest strengths is in the high quality and expertise of our conservatory blind design consultancy service. Our professional interior Design Consultants have had years of experience selecting complementary colours and fabrics to suit individual tastes, so we are confident we can meet even the most particular interior design requirement.

Why not give us a call for one of our Design Consultants to come around and discuss the options with you, or request a free brochure.

I rather like your Original French Woodweave Pinoleum conservatory blind range but wondered if we could have them for the roof blinds and normal pleated or roller blinds for the window blinds? Would it be difficult matching the colours?

Our colour range is totally complementary so you can mix and match the fabrics any way you want. In fact, you have just highlighted a popular choice and you will see that ‘Soft Caramel’ in our Original French Woodweave Pinoleum blinds is complemented perfectly by ‘Saturn Ivory’ in our roller blind range for Window Blinds.

There are dozens of similar complementary combinations throughout our extensive colour palette and our Pleated Blinds also offer different levels of translucency for a choice of shading, so perhaps it’s best if you contact us to make an appointment for one of our experienced design consultants to pay a visit with a swatch of samples and discuss the options with you.

I like the idea of motorised conservatory blinds, but would only want it for the roof blinds, can Appeal do this?

Yes. In fact, we can provide motorised, remote-controlled operations for any combination of blinds you may want.

You can have hand-held or wall-mounted controls for one, two or three sides of your conservatory in isolation or all three operating at once.

You can have both conservatory window blinds and conservatory roof blinds operating together on one switch – or independently of each other. It’s your choice.

One of our Design Consultants would be happy discuss the options with you give us a call or request a free online Design Consultation.

My husband designed and built our conservatory himself last summer, so I was wondering if a conservatory blind by Appeal would fit.

Of course they will.

Because all Appeal Conservatory Blinds are tailor-made for each conservatory, they are individually-measured for each and every window and roof panel in your conservatory.

Why not give our skilled design consultants a call today or request a free online Design Consultation.

Our conservatory is not in full sunshine so we don’t need full solar protection and therefore only want roof blinds. Can we get roof blinds only from Appeal, or do we have to buy roof blinds and window blinds together?

You can order any number of blinds you want for any reason you may want them, be it for privacy, for thermal benefits or solar protection.

Many of our customers for various practical reasons, order from us either only conservatory roof blinds or only conservatory window blinds, so we are quite happy to measure up and provide a free quote accordingly.

Why not give our skilled Design Consultants a call today or request a free online Design Consultation.

I like the look of your conservatory blinds, but can I save money if I send you the measurements and order the blinds to fit myself?

Because we offer a comprehensive after sales service and a 5-year guarantee on all Appeal Conservatory Blinds, we would want our expert surveyors to take detailed measurements and our skilled fitters to install them.

That way, you are guaranteed the best fabric and colour options for your cherished conservatory, the most accurate fit possible and many years of trouble-free service.

Why not give our skilled design consultants a call today or request a free Design Consultation?

How much would your Oatmeal colour Solar R® thermal roller blinds cost for my conservatory? It is 3.4m x 4m with three window walls each 2.2m high – and the A-frame roof is 4m x 2m each side.

We would love to quote you the best price to install Appeal’s Solar R® Thermal Conservatory Blinds but would need to view the premises and take detailed measurements.

You would be surprised how a few centimetres out can spoil the whole effect of the blinds and reduce the insulation benefits considerably.

Why not give our skilled Design Consultants a call today or request a free online Design Consultation.

Is it easy to keep an Appeal Conservatory Blind clean?

Yes. Appeal Conservatory blinds including our pleated blinds and pinoleum blinds simply need a quick dust with a cloth or feather duster.

Furthermore, our Solar R® thermal roller blind fabric is especially-designed to be dirt-resistant and only needs a wipe with a damp cloth to keep it fresh and clean.

What if my conservatory blind gets damaged?

All Appeal Conservatory Blinds, including installation, are guaranteed for five years of normal operation.

Furthermore, we offer a comprehensive after sales service that very often sees many problems remedied over the phone.

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