Custom Blinds for Non Standard Shapes

Appeal has been designing, manufacturing and installing custom blinds for over 25 years now, so as you can imagine we’ve come across all sorts of non standard windows in our time.

To Appeal, a non standard shaped window isn’t a ‘problem’. It’s a challenge. And it’s one we can rise to with custom made blinds that are individually constructed to fit precise shapes and sizes, no matter how unusual.

Many manufacturers of curtains and blinds only offer a standard range of products to cover a standard range of sizes, but Appeal is different. Instead of just hoping that one of our products will fit your window, we tailor make it to your exact specifications so that it definitely will. This is one key reason why we’re the leaders in bespoke home shading solutions and custom made blinds.

Custom Blinds for Every Shape of Window

We appreciate that different and non standard shaped windows aren’t there just to be awkward, they’re designed to enhance the look of a building and let more light flood in. So we accommodate them in style, with custom made blinds that shape up to every situation.

Our range of custom blinds for the home and conservatory include our specialist ClearView Gable End Blinds, our supremely stylish Original French Pinoleum Blinds. Whether your room, roof or windows are wide, tall or curved, there is no reason at all why you have to be satisfied with anything less than custom blinds that perfectly fit, match and enhance your individual architecture in every detail. The Appeal range of custom made blinds hold all the answers.

And because non standard shaped windows may inevitably be harder to reach or access, we complement our blinds with a choice of the very latest remote control blind systems along with super-efficient manually operated options.

Appeal also offer no obligation free design consultation and will give unbiased advice on the best home shading solution.

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