Women equal men with DIY skills

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Women are “as good as men” when it comes to do-it-yourself projects like installing conservatory blinds, three-quarters of British females believe.

Their thoughts were made clear in recent research cited by Mail Online, wherein 75 per cent said their DIY skills equalled or bettered those of their male counterparts. The research was published by a British home hardware store.

50 per cent of female respondents said they spend anything from one to five hours each week doing DIY; whereas one-fifth claimed to spend anything up to ten hours getting their hands dirty. One-third revealed they do much more DIY than their male partner does.

One hardware expert, Katherine Peterson, gave her thoughts on the findings. She told Truthdive.com: “Our findings show that DIY is no longer just a man’s game.

“More women are recognising that with the right skills, anyone can try their hand at tiling, putting up a shelf or taking on a bigger refurbishment project,” she added, referring to the many women who have given installing window shutters or fixing the plumbing a bash.

The reasons behind the sudden female fascination with DIY were diverse; with some stating it was “the only way to get things done” and a few admitting that they tried their hand because they had just moved into a new home.