Posted: October 14, 2011

Window shutters prompt compliments from strangers

A couple have described how the blue window shutters on their home would frequently prompt passers-by to ring on their doorbell.

Speaking to the The Advertiser, an unnamed woman said her husband, Rob Williams, is an architect and he included the window dressing in their home to complement the house’s Italian aesthetic.

She revealed that the place became a “neighbourhood icon” when he had finished it; boasting two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a library looking out on to the front garden.

“I can quite truthfully say that for years after we built we would get people ringing the doorbell asking who designed the house, what colours did we use, where did we get our shutters – one day I was upstairs and a tourist bus went by and stopped for photographs,” added Mr Williams’ wife.

However not everyone has to use window shutters to achieve an Italian look like the Williams’; as Inquirer Business suggested that modern shutters can give a room a “stately elegance” that transcends national borders.

It suggested that they add that touch of sophistication by deflecting light without completely cutting it out, creating a tranquil ambiance particularly when darker wood is used for the interior.

The website recommended installing such shutters if people want to recreate the aesthetic of a New England library, a Asian resort villa or Colonial times – among others.

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