Window shutter colour should complement building material

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When people are shopping for window shutters, they should think about how the colour looks alongside the rest of their home, according to a design expert.

Teal Michel, an award-winning interior and exterior design professional, wrote on that it is more important to consider the building material on the outside than the walls on the inside.

She explained: “In homes with white shutters and trim, you do not have to paint interior walls white. Your interior trim, mouldings and door casings will be sufficient use of white. And there is no need to continue black inside if you have black shutters.”

Ms Michel noted that many people like to have the same window treatments across the whole of their property, but she suggested it can look just as good even if it is not symmetrical on the outside.

Further to the aesthetic reasons for choosing window shutters, Josh Jennings pointed out on that this type of window dressing can also be good for keeping a home cool in the summer.

Paul Myor, energy efficiency expert at electricity network Ausgrid, told the journalist that investment in shutters and blinds has the potential to make people significantly more comfortable during warm weather, thus justifying the installation costs.