Window Blinds and the Amish

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There have been a number of programmes in recent months that have peered into the private lives of the world’s Amish communities. BBC 2 most recently aired ‘Amish, A Secret Life’, Channel 4 looked at ‘The World’s Squarest Teenagers’, and also gave us the experience of ‘Living with the Amish’ late in 2011.

Being the keen nosed designers that we are here at Appeal Shading, we were fascinated to see inside the homes of this reserved community. We looked at their minimal decoration and found ourselves wondering what they would make of the vast selection of window shading that we have here.

The Amish consider curtains to be decoration and don’t decorate any portion of their homes, but we did notice that they appear to have simple blinds at the window. When we looked into it further we found that they did often have green blinds, made themselves, from natural materials.

In that case at Appeal Shading we aren’t that different to the Amish! We also make our own blinds, in fact over 50,000 blinds annually and many of them are made from natural products. However, we don’t skimp on design, we can supply beautiful conservatory blinds, architectural blinds and window shutters and even Original French Pinoleum’ blinds that can be operated manually or at the touch of a button using the Appeal PowerDrive™ remote control system – something we know will certainly not interest the Amish.

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