Posted: December 5, 2011

Wentworth Castle conservatory wins £820k investment

Barnsley’s Wentworth Castle looks set to have its conservatory completely restored thanks to a £820,000 grant from the European Regional Development Fund, reports BBC News.

Michael Klemperer, Wentworth’s estate manager, told the news provider that he sees the structure as the town’s “very own Crystal Palace” and called the project “really exciting”.

The grade II Victorian building will be completely rebuilt after it is taken apart, which could lead to conservatory blinds being added to certain areas – although developers are likely to be keen to retain its historic style, so these may have to be custom-made.

Mr Klemperer said: “It has sat unused for many years and we have been desperate to restore it, but we’ve never quite had the money. This is the last great conservatory in the country which hasn’t been restored, and now it can be.”

He went on to claim that the European grant is not only good for Barnsley, but for the UK as a whole.

Another high profile conservatory that looks set to be added to the UK’s collection of such buildings is one at the Scottish Holyrood parliament, according to‘s Brian Monteith.

He pointed out that the cost of building the conservatory is currently not known, but the figures should be released soon.

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