Warming up a cold home

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With the winter drawing closer, we’re finding ourselves spending more time tucked up in front of the TV instead of braving the colder weather each evening. Having a warm, welcoming home to return to each day makes spending more time indoors far more appealing, especially when you can bury yourself in blankets with a cup of tea. However, without the right touches, some homes may feel cold or uninviting even if the heating is on full blast. We’ve put together a list of tips if you feel your home is lacking that all-important cosy factor…

Warm tones

We may be stating the obvious, but a failsafe way to warm up a cold environment is by introducing warm hues. Many recent interior trends have seen a departure from colour in favour of more minimalist whites, greys and neutrals. Whilst sometimes beautiful, these trends can often be found to fall victim to appearing cold or sterile – not an environment you want to come home to on a chilly winter’s day.

Reintroducing colour into a room can do wonders for the atmosphere, creating a warm and welcoming environment to relax in. Colours such as orange, yellow and red are reminiscent of all things warm and can immediately change the atmosphere of a room. Even just adding warm-hued wall art, such as this piece, can make a huge difference to a room. If you’re not ready to leave behind the neutrals, combine the best of both worlds by adding warm accessories such as orange or yellow cushions to your existing furniture.

Blankets & Rugs

There’s nothing cosier than a soft blanket to hide beneath on the cold winter evenings, and we’re firm believers in the more the merrier! Layer up with different textures and colours to stay toasty in the colder weather. Not only providing physical warmth, the layered appearance of blankets and throws creates a super cosy environment perfect for hibernating.

Rugs are an excellent addition to a home that is lacking in warmth. Not only helpful in retaining heat, the appearance of soft rugs can bring a much cosier dimension to a room. Persian rugs come in an array of rich, warm colours that can completely alter the way an otherwise neutral room looks and feels. Or if you want to up the cosy factor even more, you could look into a fluffy rug like this one to warm up your living room.

Fairy lights & Candles

The lighting in a room can have a huge impact on the way it feels. Stark lighting can appear clinical, whilst dull lighting can make a room feel dated or unwelcoming. Finding a perfect balance that creates a warm ambience is key to making sure a room doesn’t feel cold or uninviting. Fairy lights with yellow-toned bulbs will immediately transform a cold room into a warm, cosy haven. And don’t fear, fairy lights don’t have to be limited to teenage girls’ bedrooms! A simple string along one wall can do wonders for a room’s atmosphere without appearing childish. Or, if you want to stay classic, candles are a perfect way of creating the soft, warm light that has ‘cosy’ written all over it.

ULTRA Smart Energy-Saving Honeycomb Blinds

For a modern and sophisticated touch, our ULTRA Smart Energy-Saving Honeycomb blinds are a practical and stylish way to add warmth to the home. With a remote-controlled operating system that allows for fuss-free, use, the blinds can be set to close when the room reaches a certain temperature. No wires mean that they are child-friendly too. The honeycomb design features pleats that form a barrier of insulation between the home and the outdoors, with the pockets trapping the cold air from getting inside, keeping the warmth indoors.

Solar R Conservatory Roller Blinds

Conservatories are often abandoned in winter when they become unbearably cold. Our Solar R roller blinds are designed with this exact problem in mind, with aluminium lining that helps to retain heat. Instead of leaving your conservatory untouched all winter, with our Solar R blinds you can turn it into the warm, cosy haven that you can’t wait to get home to on a frosty winter night. Available in a wide array of colours, and made to measure to fit any size requirement, the Solar R blinds can suit anyone’s unique needs. With a simple roller mechanism, they are very easy to operate, combining practicality with a classic, streamlined and unobtrusive appearance.

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