Posted: August 15, 2011

Victorian conservatories are back in fashion

Britons are increasingly deciding to fore-go the modern and instead opt for a Victorian-style conservatory, suggesting the style is making a comeback.

Homeowners throughout the nation are embracing the old-style home extensions, perhaps adding classic conservatory blinds by using traditional materials such as French Pinoleum fabric that transform the sun’s glare into a soft, dappled light – creating a relaxing ambience all year round. Supplied by Appeal Home Shading, they offer the traditional sophistication required for this style of conservatory but with all the benefits of blinds manufactured using leading technology.

According to, which reported on the trend, conservatories such as these are identified by their “high arches, glass passageways and multi-faceted fronts” – which work with houses boasting a bigger garden. This is because during the Victorian era, houses were typically bigger than they are now.

Having a conservatory was something to be envied during that period, which is why the styling is so elaborate and grand. It was an age of “sophistication, languorous lifestyles and lavish settings,” further explaining why Victorian conservatories are the way they are.

However the upsurge in people buying these conservatories isn’t just attributed to the ever-lasting style, explained. Reportedly, this type of conservatory adds great value to a home from a financial perspective, meaning when it comes time to up sticks and sell, the house has a greater chance of making more money.

Furthermore their unique shape – octagonal – gives “panoramic” views of the outside land, making them the ideal way to bring the outdoors in and give the illusion of space. Appeal Home Shading conservatory blinds can be designed and fitted to any shape or size. Surveyors will meticulously measure the exact dimensions, your blinds will be handcrafted to your individual specifications and, following final quality checks, fitted perfectly in your conservatory by their expert installers.

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