Value added to homes by conservatories

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Adding a conservatory onto a home could vastly improve its value, according to property expert Stephen Dyer.

However in order to add this value, it has to be done well; perhaps installed by a trusted supplier and adorned with other complementary features, like conservatory blinds.

“If they are of sufficient quality, carefully planned and properly funded and well constructed, they [conservatories] can add significant value,” Dyer said.

“If they are not thought through properly they can sometimes leave existing rooms without proper function or identity. When you come to sell, you don’t want your estate agent struggling to label any of the rooms and spaces in your home.”

In order to extract the full potential value of a conservatory, home-owners should ensure it blends in well with the remainder of home, the expert advised. Any adjoining rooms should retain their own personality.

Dyer did also explain why conservatories have so much potential for a home; revealing that their character and ability to create more space are key. Also cited by, he claimed that adding a patio onto the back of the conservatory could help add to the illusion of space too.

“A good patio and level decking is also massively beneficial,” Dyer concluded.