TV debut with Bobby the dog

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Have you seen our brand new TV advertisement showcasing our latest range of ULTRA Smart blinds with the help of our four-legged friend?

Our ULTRA Smart dog Bobby can be seen in action in our new campaign across 12 national TV stations until mid-July, including Sky News, Drama, Home and Really.

Our new TV advertisement demonstrates the benefits of our wire-free ULTRA Smart Blinds that are powered by a discreet rechargeable power pack, removing the need for electrical wiring and unsightly dangling cords.

The blinds are operated using a simple remote control or wall-mounted control panel, which will require recharging from a handy mobile phone type charger after roughly one year’s typical usage.

Our Marketing Director Richard Hussey commented: “Since we first launched ULTRA Smart Blinds at the end of last year, they have been extremely popular with homeowners looking to introduce automated living and the latest technology into another aspect of their homes. Bobby the dog does a superb job of demonstrating just how easy it is to operate the blinds and the blinds look super stylish too!”

If you would like to catch Bobby operating our ULTRA Smart Blinds, keep checking our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates of when and where the advertisements will be shown. You can also find the best entries to our recent #ULTRASmart dog competition where we launched a search for the nation’s other #ULTRASmart pets!