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Less stress – more Strauss… that’s the message of our latest advert, highlighting the harmonious movement of Appeal’s wide-ranging repertoire of powered window blinds, set to the familiar sounds of the Blue Danube Waltz. For full orchestral experience – with you as the flamboyant conductor, controlling every movement – you can opt for Appeal’s exclusive ULTRA Smart Blinds system. These award-winning electric blinds are powered by an integral Lithium-ion battery pack (which is recharged after about 15 months of normal operation) and operated at the touch of a button on a wall-mounted switch – or, for a convincing baton-waving effect, a handheld remote.

There are no trailing wires to the mains, and no unsightly cords – just a quiet and smooth lowering and raising of your blinds when you want. You can also add optional automatic controls… a timer to allow sunlight into your home in the morning without getting out of bed, or lower the blinds at sunset, even when you’re not home; a temperature sensor which lowers the shades when a room overheats; or a light sensor to trigger the blinds, protecting furnishings, artworks, plants etc from the damaging effects of UV rays.

Or take control to higher levels with ULTRA Plus and voice activation. ULTRA Plus means you can manage your blinds (as well as Philips Hue bulbs and devices on smart plugs) while you’re out. Simply download the app to your phone or tablet and link all your Smart Blinds so that you can operate them in groups or individually. You can set scenarios to create the perfect ambience when you get home; track sunrise and sunset to raise and lower the blinds at exactly the time you need; or add to your security measures by opening and closing blinds at unpredictable times when you’re away.

When you’re at home, you can also manage your window shading through voice commands to your virtual assistant (Amazon Alexa or Google Home) – “Raise living room blinds!”, “Lower bedroom blinds!”, “Abracadabra, open sesame!”. Just try not to go full Mickey Mouse in Fantasia. Think ‘Blue Danube’, not ‘Sorcerer’s Apprentice’.

Contemporary or the Classics

There are as many individual tastes in interior decor as there are in music. While Johann Strauss II Romanticism may be perfect for one person, another might prefer Minimalism – some Steve Reich in the afternoon, say.

So Appeal offers a wide range of options for the ULTRA Smart Blinds system, both in blind styles – Roman, Roller, Pleated, Venetian – as well as over 400 impressively diverse colours, patterns and textures, using the highest-quality materials. These include innovative fabrics that offer benefits such as translucence, blackout or insulation.


Virtuoso Performers

If you’ll forgive us continuing with the musical theme… while a symphony is at its best when the entire orchestra works in concert, it certainly helps to have great soloists who stand out.

At Appeal, all our blinds are bespoke. Our design consultants can advise you on the shading solutions that will suit your home perfectly; then exact measurements are taken and your blinds are cut to the specifications of your windows, hand finished and then fitted by one of our experienced installers. This tailor-made approach means we are able to take on challenging sizes, shapes and positions of windows – increasingly important with the amount of glass in modern extensions, conversions and apartments.


Bi-fold and patio doors

Indoor-outdoor flow is an increasingly popular part of modern living, with the possibility of opening up walls of glass to bring the garden into the kitchen, dining or living room. However, at times, this can get uncomfortable – too cold in winter, or too much direct sunlight in summer. ULTRA Smart Blinds can solve this problem, without creating an obstacle when you want to open up your doors – because, when not in use, the blind will be gathered unobtrusively out of the way.




Gable ends

Large, glazed gable ends allow you to take advantage of wonderful views. But they are difficult to shade using traditional compromised methods, such as billowing curtains or roof blinds with cords and guide wires. Appeal has created ClearView gable end pleated blinds.  This unique and exclusive solution provides a neat, attractive and functional way to cover such large gable ends – it even looks beautiful as each section moves into position. The blinds then retract completely when not required, leaving an unobstructed view.




Roof Lantern

Extensions with roof lanterns or large sloping glass roof sections are a great modern solution to increasing space in your home, but the same problems of shading arise again. Appeal has now applied the same ClearView technology as for gable ends to roof lanterns. In fact, we can now offer roof lantern blinds up to 2m wide and 3.8m long. WIth ULTRA Smart Blind remote control, ClearView Lantern Roof Blinds glide across the opening effortlessly, providing ultimate convenience and a thermal barrier to prevent heat loss, while still maintaining the clean lines of the window.