Top winter garden tips

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Maintaining the conservatory temperature and protecting plants are just two of the ‘top ten tips’ for the organic garden.

Writing for the Southport Visiter, Jade Wright has dispensed some advice for those who love their outdoor space and nature.

The winter weather plays havoc with the garden, but those in the know will be able to take advantage of it, planting the right bulbs at the right time and taking the necessary steps to ensure their garden survives a frosty, windy and no doubt extremely cold season.

Excess water might create puddles on the grass, if so, fork the affected areas so that the water is absorbed. To prevent the wet soil compacting, don’t walk on it but instead lay down planks of wood.

Don’t forget to put out food for the birds and to ensure that any drinking water is topped up, not frozen. They may be struggling to find food and drink elsewhere at this time of year.

Conservatories should be kept at a temperature of 7-10C or 45-50F, “through a combination of” insulation, indoor heating, ventilation and conservatory blinds.

In terms of plants, prune any potted roses that are heading into the greenhouse. Newly planted rhododendrons will require some protection from the elements, so construct a temporary windbreak with decent supports, the Liverpool Echo advises. In fact, ensure all supports and stakes are solid around the garden.

After a frost, “re-firm the ground around plants which have been lifted” and keep plants tidy, removing dead leaves or flowers. Wright also recommends removing fallen leaves from heathers, to prevent fungal diseases.