Top Tips for Reducing Heating Bills

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The nights are drawing in, the heating is going on, and the bills are soaring up. However, there are lots of ways to reduce heating costs. Why not stay at work three hours longer every day to save on heating? Or try moving the sofa and television into the kitchen so you only have to heat one room? Alternatively, stay active when you’re at home to keep warm – avoid sitting down during meal times, for example.

If none of these ideas seem particularly practical, you might be interested to know that window shutters and blinds not only look great, but can significantly reduce heat loss working in a similar way to double-glazing. The Energy Saving Trust suggests that home-owners can reduce heat-loss by up to 10% by installing double-glazing. With this in mind, Appeal decided to measure the energy saving benefits of its own products.

To test out the effect of installing blinds in a conservatory, Appeal enlisted Faber Maunsell, an engineering consultancy specialising in buildings and environmental services, to develop a research model based on a typical 3.5m x 3.5m double-glazed conservatory. Using industry standard software for thermal modelling, Faber Maunsell established that installing roof and side blinds in a conservatory significantly reduced heat loss. Due to its aluminium backing, Alu-Pleat® proved to be the most energy efficient reducing heat loss by 18%, while Pinoleum and Pleated blinds offered a difference of 17%.

If the thought of a relaxing evening at home this winter does not include wrapping everyone in woollen hats and gloves, there may be easier ways of bringing down the heating bills…

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