Posted: July 3, 2015

Three ways to cool your conservatory during summer

As a nation obsessed with the weather, many of us head straight to the garden or conservatory to entertain friends when the sun comes calling. However, when the temperature does start rising, it can be difficult to keep the sun’s glare out of the conservatory and prevent overheating.

Our three top tips will ensure that your conservatory stays cool and comfortable during the hot and humid summer sun.

French fancies

Conservatories are often exposed to all elements of the weather and sun is no exception. If the heat of the sun is not controlled in any way then conditions will become unbearable – this is where our beautifully crafted French Pinoleum Blinds are ideal. Manufactured with a special fabric that transforms the sun’s glare into a soft, dappled light, the blinds come in an array of colours and help to create the perfect ambience during any season.

Ancient remedies

Fans were first used by the Ancient Greeks to drive away insects from food and wine and later became popular amongst noble European women such as Queen Elizabeth I. In modern day, electric ceiling fans are a great way to cool down in a conservatory and can be set at different speeds and temperatures to suit personal preferences.

Cotton picked

Replacing your faux fur sofa blankets and cushions with light cotton alternatives will help to keep the surrounding space light and breezy. We all love to cozy up under a thick blanket during the cold weather, but bringing out a summer set to decorate your conservatory will help to create a comfortable space in which to relax and unwind.

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