The UK’s #ULTRA cosiest pet has been crowned!

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With our much-loved Appeal dog, Bobby, featuring on our TV screens as the temperature outside dropped and winter loomed ever nearer, we took it upon ourselves to find Britain’s cosiest pet.

We spent the Autumn searching far and wide across the nation. With entries flooding in to our #ULTRAcosy competition on our social media channels, it took careful consideration before the winner was finally decided.

After much deliberation, we are delighted to have crowned Riley, the eight-month-old Pugalier, as the UK’s cosiest pet!

Adorably nestled beneath a paw-print blanket with her trusty giraffe toy serving as a pillow, Riley stole the hearts of everyone at Appeal instantly. We caught up with her owner, Lisa, to find out a little more about the winning pup…

A cross between a Pug and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Riley joined Lisa’s family at just eight weeks old. Known affectionately as ‘Pickle,’ due to her mischievous nature, it is not uncommon for Riley to spend her days throwing her toys around and chewing things she’s not supposed to. She often finds herself the subject of the family’s jokes, as she struggles to understand most instructions and resorts to doing a rollover to all commands. However, as the evenings draw in Riley loves nothing more than to put away the toys and snuggle beneath the blankets for a much-needed doze in front of the TV.


Colder weather means one thing: it’s finally acceptable to stay indoors with a hot drink and your favourite TV show, basically every night. With so much more time spent indoors over the winter, it’s the perfect opportunity to give your home a refresh ready for a season of semi-hibernation. Our ULTRA Smart blinds offer remote control cordless technology to allow your cosy nights in to be as effortless and indulgent as can be.

With a huge thanks to all that entered our #ULTRAcosy competition, and congratulations once again to Riley the Pugalier!

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