The ideal awning for the unpredictable British summer

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Thinking of an Awning but worried about the weather?

“If you don’t like the weather here – just wait half an hour…” – You’ve probably heard that comment all over the British Isles. How many times have you headed out of the house dressed for rain and ended up baking – or vice versa?

At Appeal Home Shading, we have had a lot of experience with the changeability of our weather – we have been in the home shading business for 30 years now. We design all our products with that unpredictability in mind. Haus awnings from Appeal – excellence in German engineering – can be controlled by weather sensors, which extend the awning in bright sunshine and retract it in strong winds.

However, what if you live on a hillside or by the coast, where higher winds are common? And what if you are hardy types who won’t be driven inside by a little bit of wind and rain? Is there a product which will stand up to the weather?

The Solution: The Haus Pergola from Appeal

At up to 30 square metres in area, the Haus Pergola is the largest awning available from Appeal Home Shading and provides a comfortable, practical outdoor living area in a variety of weather conditions.

Like other Haus awnings, the canopy can be extended and retracted when it suits you (either by remote control, or automatically by weather sensors). However, the fabric is tensioned in side channels with permanent support posts. This means you can still have shading in Force 6 winds – for non-sailors, 6 on the Beaufort scale means 30mph winds – strong enough to make it difficult to use an umbrella.

The telescopic legs allow you to change the angle of the canopy, so the pergola will shed water in even the heaviest rain (with the side tension channels ensuring there is no puddling).

Like all other awnings from Appeal, the Haus Pergola has the option of infra-red heating, for instant warmth, and dimmable, energy-efficient LED lighting. It is available in over 300 fabrics and more than 50 standard frame colours.

Let in the breeze – keep out the bugs

Changeable weather is one “swings and roundabouts” element of the summer – the other is opening windows and doors. You get a lovely flow of fresh air through the house – but riding on those fragrant zephyrs are some pretty irritating critters.

You can fight the good fight with fly swats, rolled up newspapers, those electric tennis racquets or sprays that end up choking you as much as the insects. But wouldn’t it be better to stop the flies, mosquitoes etc getting in from the start?

Recent research at Penn State University in the US discovered that house flies and blowflies carry far more pathogens than previously thought – between 300 and 350 different types of bacteria each – many linked to human infections, including stomach bugs, blood poisoning and pneumonia. And they can spread bacteria with every contact of their legs, feet and wings.

Appeal’s super-fine ClearVu mesh insect screens allow a full uninterrupted view of the outside – almost as clear as a pane of glass. The slim, compact, retractable mechanism folds the screen neatly away when not in use.