The Appeal Christmas Gift Guide

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With the festivities truly getting underway, Christmas shopping can’t be put off for much longer! Whether it’s for family, friends or colleagues, you can’t go wrong with home interiors gifts. We’ve put together our top picks to make life that little bit easier for you as we draw closer to the big day…


A staple in any household, you can never have too many mugs. Personalised ones make especially good gifts, particularly when they’re embossed with gold lettering, like these Anthropologie ones. They’re also a great pick for Secret Santa if you don’t know the recipient too well. RRP £8.00


Picture frames

A picture can say a thousand words. Photographs are what truly makes a house a home, and often there is no better gift than selecting a favourite photograph of yourself and your loved one and putting it in a frame for them to keep forever. Oliver Bonas do a whole range of beautiful marble and slate frames in an array of patterns and colours to suit anyone’s taste. RRP £16.00


Wall prints

Wall art can make any house truly feel like home, transforming a bare, lifeless room into a welcoming environment. The great thing about wall art is the variety; with so many different options on offer, you’re sure to find something perfect for your nearest and dearest. We love this print from Etsy – great for livening up any room in the house. RRP £25.00


Bluetooth speakers

No home is complete without a decent set of speakers. Whether it’s to listen to music, the radio, or a favourite podcast, they come in handy for pretty much everyone. Bluetooth speakers have the added advantage of being easily portable so that they can be taken from room to room, or even away on holiday too. This one from Sonos combines excellent sound quality with easy manoeuvrability. RRP £169.00



Whether it’s the lounge, bedroom or bathroom, candles can have a place in most people’s homes. If you know someone who’s in need of a little relaxation time, or just simply loves the scent and atmosphere created by candles, this Ecoya set includes their signature scents of Sweet Pea & Jasmine, Lotus Flower and French Pear. RRP £39.00


Fairy lights

Lighting can have a huge impact on the way a home feels. Soft, yellow-toned lighting can transform a cold, sterile environment into a warm, welcoming haven. Just the simple addition of a string of fairy lights can completely change the atmosphere of a room for the better. A great pick for any students in your life – they can make any dingy student bedroom feel like home instantly! RRP £22.00


ULTRA Smart blinds

With the New Year drawing ever closer, now more than ever is the perfect time to give your home the update it’s been waiting for. Whether it’s a gift to your significant other or just a well-deserved present to yourself, our ULTRA Smart remote-controlled blinds are the perfect way to update your home without redecorating. Available in a vast array of colours, prints and materials, there is an ULTRA Smart option to suit any home. Operated at just the touch of a button, and with the capability to be set to open or close on a timer, they are built for your convenience. In keeping with the colder season, there are many aesthetic choices available in wintery prints, such as this Clara Snowdrop option.