Tamworth residents make huge CO2 savings through home insulation

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Residents in Tamworth, Staffordshire have made use of a free home insulation initiative, thus far totalling £770,852 worth of work, thisistamworth.co.uk writes.

The HEAT scheme, launched last summer by Tamworth Borough Council, was designed not only to encourage thousands of local homeowners to cut their heating bills, but also to reduce the town’s carbon dioxide emissions. Over two thousand homes have received loft and cavity wall insulation completely free of charge. It has been estimated that 49,000 tonnes of CO2 has been saved already.

Although the scheme, which runs for two more months, has been hugely popular, the council is urging other homeowners to take advantage while they can. Rob Barnes, Tamworth Borough Council director of housing and health reminded locals that the scheme was open to all:

“I would encourage all residents who have not yet contacted HEAT – whether they own their own homes or rent them from the council, registered social landlords or privately – to take advantage of the offer and have insulation fitted.”

While other councils may not be offering similar schemes, there are still many small steps that homeowners can make to improve their home insulation. According to greenerideal.com, the windows should be the first stop. Installing window shutters will not only insulate, but can add style to any room.

Damage to wooden window frames can easily be repaired with wood filler, preventing hot air from escaping. Meanwhile, fitting a draught-excluder to external doors can help keep the cold air out. These small moves will all impact in a big way on fuel bills.