Small additions to home are best for sellers

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Individuals planning to sell their home are better off making small changes to their home rather than huge renovations, it has been claimed.

Elizabeth Weintraub, who is an experienced real estate broker based in the United States, has claimed that sellers that huge revamps are rarely worth their cost when it comes to improving the value of a home.

In an interview with, she explained: “The mistakes people make are over-improving. Before renovating anything, go look at other homes in the neighbourhood. You want your home to be comparable to the other homes on the market.

“This doesn’t mean that if all the homes have a remodelled kitchen that you must remodel yours, because you won’t get the money back out of it.”

Her words might encourage those selling their home to make small improvements such as the addition of conservatory blinds, new door knobs or rugs in order to provide an visual upgrade to a home.

In a separate interview with Real Estate Weekly, Weintraub claimed that Christmas decorations can provide a similar visual boost which can make all the difference to a buyer’s opinion of a home.

These should, however, be kept subtle and not make the house smaller than it actually is, she added.