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What do Michel Roux, Rick Stein and Raymond Blanc have in common? They are all celebrity chefs at the top of their game? Their cuisine has inspired thousands of amateur chefs? Or is it the fact that customers battle to get a table in their respective restaurants, so popular are their creations? Well, all three statements maybe true, but there is something else they share which is less well-known… Each chef’s famous restaurant has been enhanced with Appeal blinds.

Raymond Blanc’s ‘Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons’ in Oxfordshire, Rick Stein’s ‘The Seafood Restaurant’ in Padstow and Michel Roux’s ‘The Waterside Inn’ in Bray have all employed Appeal’s expertise to design and fit blinds that help create the right ambience. In beautifully designed buildings like the ones which host these fantastic restaurants, it is important to ensure every detail is of the highest quality, as it is with the food. For Appeal Design Consultants who are experienced in recommending just the right shade and fabric for a room this is all part of the service.

The rest of us may not be celebrity restaurateurs needing to create iconic dining rooms, but we might still want to create a cosy atmosphere in which to enjoy dinner with family and friends. The functional design of Appeal’s blinds helps to control not only privacy, but light, shade and temperature whether inside a kitchen or dining room, or within a conservatory which can be used for dining. At the same time, the range of available fabrics allows you to achieve the look which perfectly suits the room. Once the decor is arranged to perfection, all that’s left is for you to provide the haute cuisine.