Re-purposed conservatory helps create ideal family living space

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A homeowner has described how a “fantastic” refurbishment job has turned the ground floor of a property into a great living space for her family.

Emma Sheridan and her husband’s second attempt at renovating their home saw the bottom floor divided into three areas for cooking, eating and relaxing – with the conservatory used as a lounging space, according The layout allows all the family – including three children – to use it together.

The glass allows plenty of natural light to enter the space and works well with all the interior colours, noted the news source, although the family could install conservatory blinds if they wanted to have greater control over the amount of light in the room.

“When we originally moved in we felt the house was top-heavy. Now it works perfectly as a family house. The refurbishment has been a very good investment and we intend to stay put for a long time,” remarked Ms Sheridan.

If people want to enhance the natural light coming into such an area, they may want to paint the walls white – as according to writers Galmidi Yitzhar and Yaksein Eliran, the colour serves as a reflector of light, as well as being in many ways a source of light in itself.