Pull the curtains to deter unwelcome trick or treaters

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The public are being urged to use caution when opening their doors over the Halloween weekend. 

More and more children are enjoying the holiday festivities and indulging in trick-or-treating, however, some people may consider the constant doorbell-ringing an anti-social annoyance.

In a bid to deter disgruntled homeowners from making 999 complaints calls, the police have suggested, via This Is Scunthorpe, closing window shutters or drawing curtains so that trick or treaters cannot see you are at home.

Alternatively, posting a “Sorry, No Trick or Treat” sign on the front door should suffice.

The elderly, in particular, can be “spooked” by this activity which, The News and Star points out is a relatively new concept in the UK; something that they didn’t have when they were young.

Emphasising the point, Age Concern’s Angela Murray said Halloween can be an anxious time: “Sometimes older people can be targeted because their homes can often be spotted. If they can’t get to the door in time then some trick or treaters may see it as being ignored and throw flour and eggs.”

Similarly, parents of children who may be going from door to door are being asked to accompany their offspring, to ensure that they come to, nor do, any harm.