Public should be careful when decorating for Christmas

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Brits should be careful when draping their window shutters with tinsel or hanging their Christmas lights this year, as decorating-related injuries are on the rise.

According to Mail Online, “tis the season to be cautious”, as the Consumer Product Safety Commission has revealed an increase in the number of accidents occurring as a result of people putting up their decorations.

Although not advising the public leave their decorating altogether, the commission is advising people to be careful. Its chairman, Inez Tenenbaum, warned: “A well-watered tree, carefully placed candles and carefully checked holiday light sets will help prevent the joy of the holidays from turning into a trip to the emergency room.”

What’s more, when standing on chairs or ladders to affix fairy lights to the door frame or conservatory blinds, people should pay the utmost attention to their safety. issued some further advice on how to stay safe this Christmas, telling the public they should ensure their lights have been safety-tested. They should also check each bulb for any loose connections or blown fuses.

Safety expert John Drengenberg added: “This is easily the busiest time of year, but it’s important to make time for safety while celebrating the holidays.”