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The Met Office’s long-range forecast for the rest of August suggests that the heatwave is due to continue for the whole summer – interrupted only by hot and sultry thunderstorms. And predictions by experts based on El Niño/La Niña global weather cycles suggest that there are several more hot summers to come. So, that’s great news, right? Well, yes, but…

… Not that we’re ungrateful but – at times this summer it has been frankly too hot. You don’t have to be stuck on a delayed train or tube carriage to swelter in temperatures of 30°C or more – it can easily be that hot in your house. Some rooms with a lot of glass can be unbearable to stay in – even conservatories or garden rooms designed for the summer months. And days in the garden can be too much without shade to protect you, your food and drink, and your furnishings from the glare.

The Solution: Make it a comfortable summer with Appeal Home Shading

Appeal Home Shading celebrates its 30th anniversary this year and over that time, we have constantly evolved to bring our customers cutting-edge, hi-tech products to provide comfort throughout the home. Here are our top four summer comfort solutions…

Solar-reflective conservatory blinds

As the sun beats down on a glass roof, not only does it heat the room to unbearable levels but sends out UVA light, which is not blocked by the glass. These rays can cause damage to furnishings, plants and, most importantly, skin. Solar R® roller blinds from Appeal reflect 85% of heat – the highest of all blinds in the UK and exclusive to Appeal – while allowing a filtered level of visible light through to illuminate the room.

Appeal has three decades of expertise providing bespoke conservatory blinds, individually crafted to the dimensions of our customers’ homes and installed by experienced fitters. Over that time, we’ve learned that attention to detail is what keeps customers coming back to us. Solar R® blinds are fabric-stitched to the roll rather than taped (unlike some of our competitors), and the aluminium backing has a polymer coating to make it last longer. They also feature spring-tensioned control and are available in a choice of colours to complement contemporary designs.

Window blinds with heat or light sensors (see image above)

Appeal’s ULTRA Smart Blinds for interior windows offer control at the touch of a button – raise or lower blinds individually or in groups via wall-mounted panels, handheld remotes or (with the new ULTRA Plus app) wherever you are in the world.

But, for peace of mind, you can opt for temperature or light sensors on blinds in rooms particularly susceptible to the full glare of the sun. When the sun hits the room or it is about to overheat, the sensors trigger the ULTRA system’s unobtrusive motor to lower the blinds and protect furnishings, carpets, artworks and plants from UVA light, as well as keeping your home comfortably cool when you return home.

When the hot weather comes on strong, we all turn into Formula 1 engineers – turning our homes into wind tunnels, with strategic window and door openings to create the best air flow through the house. But, as soon as you open up the house, the unwelcome guests pile in – buzzing flies and whining mozzies threatening to bite us or land on our food.

Appeal’s super-fine ClearVu mesh insect screens can be fitted to both doors and windows. They keep out even the smallest pests, while allowing a full uninterrupted view of the outside – almost as clear as a pane of glass. The slim, compact, retractable mechanism folds the screen neatly away when not in use.

Awnings and Pergolas

Haus awnings from Appeal are precision-engineered in Germany to provide a pleasant environment on your terrace, from day to evening. Protecting patio furnishings, food, drinks and yourselves from heat and harsh UV rays in the bright of the day, they can also be installed with optional LED lighting and infrared heaters to extend your al fresco enjoyment into the evening.

New this summer from Appeal is the Haus Pergola – perfect for changeable days when you get both a heatwave and a storm. Like other Haus awnings, the canopy can be extended and retracted when it suits you (either by remote control, or automatically by weather sensors). However, telescopic support posts mean you can still have shading in Force 6 winds, as well as changing the angle of the canopy, so the pergola will shed water in even the heaviest rain (with side tension channels ensuring there is no puddling).

A birthday thank you – £100 off Chairman’s voucher

This year, we are celebrating Appeal Home Shading’s 30th anniversary. Over the decades, we have tried to deliver superlative service and the finest shading products fitted specifically to our customers’ homes. We have been rewarded by having a high percentage of returning customers and new ones recommended by word of mouth – as well as being awarded Gold Standard status by independent customer review platform Feefo.

As a thank you to returning and new customers alike, Appeal Chairman Michael Madigan would like to offer a £100 discount on any Appeal product, valid till 30th September. Download or print your voucher here and click the button below to organise a no-obligation design consultation at a time to suit you.