Posted: December 22, 2011

Plantation shutters add wow factor

People who want to add a special touch to their home could consider installing window shutters, according to a design expert.

Mike McClintock wrote on Chicago Tribune Home & Garden that plantation shutters are a good example of the sort of home improvement that estate agents see as adding “wow factor” to a property.

In his opinion, this is an important point to consider when deciding on changes to a house – how it will affect resale value and interest. While some features may be personally appealing, in terms of a home being an investment, there are some that will work better than others to push up prices.

“Before homes are listed for sale, most owners make improvements like painting, landscaping, refinishing floors or even remodelling kitchens and baths,” said Mr McClintock, adding: “When they’re done, soon-to-sellers wish they’d made the improvements long ago.”

A property expert this week told the Wall Street Journal Developments blog that there has been a change in sentiment when it comes to home improvement, which has come about largely due to the economic landscape.

Joe Emison, vice president for research and development at BuildFax, noted that people are essentially saying that they are planning on staying in their home for the foreseeable future, rather than thinking about “flipping” it once the value had gone up.

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