Open conservatory blinds to lift winter mood

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Homeowners may want to keep their conservatory blinds open as much as possible during daylight hours to keep their mood up in winter.

The Eastern Echo pointed out that there are plenty of people who feel more sluggish during the colder months of the year, with the reduction in exposure to natural light cited as a factor for some individuals.

There tend to be fewer hours of daylight during late autumn and winter compared with the rest of the year, so people whose house features a conservatory could benefit from spending time in the room exposed to a large amount of natural light.

“For those who suffer from it, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) can be crippling, as the symptoms are similar to those of depression. If you have increased appetite and sleep, irritability and feelings of sluggishness during winter, you could be showing signs of SAD,” explained the newspaper.

It went on to explain that many people use light therapy sessions to combat this condition, which involves sitting near a fluorescent lamp to recreate the benefits of natural light. claimed that seven per cent of the British population are affected by SAD and encouraged sufferers to expose themselves to bright light as much as they can each day.

It also pointed out that the issue of moving the clocks back and forward each year in the UK has been discussed by medical officials, since it impacts when people’s lives are shrouded in darkness; in the mornings or evenings.