Natural light allows more experimentation with colours

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Homeowners can experiment much more with colours in interior design if they have plenty of natural light to work with, it has been noted.

Writing for, reporter Camilla Belton explained that a couple in north London did not have to worry about colours making their home seem smaller or darker due to the amount of the light coming in; although they could add window shutters if they wanted to block the light periodically.

Ms Belton described how Andrew Lock and his partner Mark Stobbs managed to transform their flat in London into an “inspiring new place” from what had been a series of dark rooms.

“What we’ve ended up with has the feel of a gentleman’s home. It’s very us,” said Mr Lock, adding: “I’ve found from working with clients that people can be afraid of colour, but dark colours don’t darken rooms as much as you might think – they actually just give an extra dimension.”

As well as looking more attractive, spaces with plenty of natural light may allow people to carry out general tasks more efficiently. That’s according to new research conducted by media firm Hanley Wood, reported by

The researchers spoke to 500 architects, finding that 99 per cent of them believed people work better in naturally lit areas; while 98 per cent suggested people perform better when they have a view or a connection to the outside.