Most Brits want to make changes to their home

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Over 80 per cent home owners want to make some sort of change to their property, according to research carried out at the Ideal Home Show.

85 per cent of women and 76 per cent of men, aged predominantly between 35 and 54 would like to make improvements to their home, the survey revealed. Additionally, 84 per cent of those that want to revamp their home live in the Midlands or Wales.

When asked about the sorts of changes they’d like to make, respondents gave a variety of answers. They ranged from getting round to long-forgotten repairs, implementing eco-friendly features, making changes that would reduce bills or those that could be categorised as routine home maintenance.

However, writes, the biggest change that respondents wanted to make was one that, quite simply, made the home look better. Improving home safety, conversely, was the least popular motive for improvements.

30 per cent wanted to make aesthetic changes to their home’s appearance, perhaps to add value. These changes might encompass replacing the doors, painting walls or adding window shutters, perhaps.

Those who would like to, but can’t afford to make big changes in their home might like to follow some clever space saving tips as published by It suggests decluttering, introducing more light and hanging mirrors as a great way to make a small space seem larger, while ‘playing with the floor plan’ can transform a room without the need to spend.