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Set up for the summer

It’s a time for looking forward, making plans for the year ahead… deciding on your New Year’s resolutions, holiday booking adverts, looking for a new class or club to join… But these things tend to be fleeting – summer holidays last a week or two, busy lives get in the way of new hobbies and we all know how long resolutions usually last!

How about planning early for something more abiding? A summer at home, enjoying your garden, as well as making permanent improvements to your house?

At Appeal, we have over 30 years’ experience providing bespoke shading solutions for people’s homes – both indoors and outside. Over three decades we have found that people increasingly enjoy blurring the lines between the two – indoor-outdoor flow is so important, whether it’s a conservatory, orangery or garden room that creates a sort of “bridging” space; a kitchen opening onto a terrace dining area; or simply opening up doors and windows to allow fresh air to circulate around the home.

At the same time, we have also listened to our customers and learnt about the problems associated with different times of year, including the summer. Sorry to put a downer on the summer at this time of year, when it’s dark and cold, but six months from now, we might all be fed up with:

• Excessive heat
• Direct sunlight fading furnishings
• Unpredictable, changeable weather
• Insects

We might be fed up with them – but not if we plan ahead and take advantage of one of the solutions offered by Appeal Home Shading.

Summer Solutions from Appeal

Awnings & Pergolas

• Create an indoor/outdoor space ✔
• Shielding from excessive heat ✔
• Furniture protected from UV rays ✔
• Comfortable in changeable weather ✔

State-of-the-art Haus awnings – engineered in Germany and exclusively available from Appeal Home Shading – are ideal for al fresco dining, keeping you at a comfortable temperature as you eat and protecting your food and wine from the sun.

State-of-the-art is no empty boast. The unique OptiFlowSystem® keeps the fabric taut and prevents sagging. On most models, the awning retracts completely away into the cassette for full weather protection, while the electronics are tucked away inside the cassette, and all the screws and fixings are concealed.

You can control the awning from the comfort of your seat with a remote control, but Haus can also work for you when you’re not at home. fitting weather sensors, the
awning will extend in bright sunshine to offer UV protection to furniture and interiors, but also retract in high winds. Our awnings are also available with optional LED lights and infra-red heaters, to keep the outdoor party going even if it clouds over.

If it often does rather more than just cloud over where you live (Not, “It’s spitting – everyone inside!” but “Oh, another torrential downpour – never mind”), a Haus pergola might be the best solution for you.

Where our awnings are available to cover an area up to 26.5 sq metres, the Haus pergola covers an enormous 30 sq metres. Additional support is provided by telescopic legs, which can be angled to suit the conditions, and the fabric is tensioned in side channels, so water runs clean off without pooling and causing the fabric to sag. Those telescopic legs mean the structure is extremely robust – it has been been tested to withstand winds up to force six on the Beaufort scale.

All Haus awnings and pergolas from Appeal are available in over 300 different fabric colours, and with more than 50 frame colours.


Retractable Insect Screens


• Create indoor/outdoor air flow ✔
• Reducing excessive heat ✔
• Keep away irritating insects ✔
• Protect food from disease-carrying flies ✔

Whether you live in the countryside, close to the water, or even in the city, insects seem to love spending their summer holidays in the UK. They treat our homes as if they are AirBnBs – and you wouldn’t give them a good guest rating. Whether it’s biting beasties coming in at night to get tanked up on our blood, filthy-footed blowflies landing on our food, creepy-crawlies coming in to give us a fright, or just squadrons of bluebottles circling our living rooms as if there’s an air traffic control strike, they are all annoying.

It almost makes you think twice about opening up the kitchen extension’s bi-fold doors, or the bedroom windows – but you really want to get that fresh summer breeze running through the house. There are inelegant solutions – spraying the whole place with chemical insect killer (not the most eco-friendly idea… and so much for natural fresh air) or running around like a lunatic, wielding a rolled up Telegraph, and screaming “Say hello to my leedle friend, insects!”. And then there’s the elegant solution: Appeal Retractable Insect Screens.

They are made from super-fine ClearVu mesh, which – despite the barrier it creates for the tiniest of insects – allows air through and is almost as transparent as glass. When it’s closed, the screen is housed discreetly in a slimline cassette above your window or to the side of your door. In operation, it is held closed by a magnetic catch. Insects can’t sneak around the edges because of the side channels and brush seals. For door screens, a special caterpillar track (ironically) runs along a flat track on the floor, so there is no trip hazard.

Like all Appeal products, Retractable Insect Screens are made and fitted bespoke to the dimensions and needs of your home. The frame comes in white, but is also available with the option of colour-matching it to the specific colour of your existing window or door frames.


Finestra Blinds for Doors

• Create indoor/outdoor flow ✔
• Allow natural ventilation ✔
• Shielding from excessive heat ✔
• Furniture protected from UV rays ✔

Finestra is a revolutionary, versatile and elegant shading concept that’s perfect for full-length windows and doors. Offering the best of both blinds and curtains, Finestra consists of woven vanes of material that fall in a way that gives a veil of privacy and shade, but allows you to step through them at any point. The vanes rotate to a closed setting, offering total privacy and insulation, or to a semi-opaque position, diffusing light and obscuring you from nosy glances. They are an ideal complement to bi-fold doors, helping to create indoor-outdoor flow when you pull them aside completely, or creating a soft barrier between the spaces if you wish. They are available with child-safe wand control or in a motorised option.



Conservatory Blinds

• Create an indoor/outdoor space ✔
• Shielding from excessive heat ✔
• Furniture protected from UV rays ✔

Whether you call it an orangery, garden room, sunroom or your mini Palace of Versailles, a conservatory is the original indoor-outdoor space. The right choice of conservatory roof and side blinds will help you make the most of this space, and by choosing Appeal to supply and install them you can also make the most of the UK’s leading bespoke home shading service.

Appeal has over 30 years’ experience designing, manufacturing and installing superior quality conservatory blinds. The advanced functionality of our comprehensive and innovative range will give you greater control over light, shade, temperature and privacy than ever before.  What’s more, we can promise you the widest selection of colours, styles and exclusive fabrics. And you can also expect an unsurpassed level of customer service that will exceed your every expectation. Book a no-obligation design consultation now and confirm that for yourself.