London City Hall £730,000 Blinds Repair Bill

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Appeal Shading recently read a news report that said that the cost of repairing some broken window blinds at London’s iconic City Hall, which houses the offices of Mayor Boris Johnson, is set to top £730,000.

The glass-clad building on the South Bank of the Thames – which was designed by architect Norman Foster is one of the capital’s landmarks – has suffered from defective blinds for years, hampering efforts to clean its windows.

The blinds in question regulate the amount of light coming into the building, known as the ‘beehive’ and window cleaners are able to open the outside panes removing the blinds to wash off the grime on the inside pane.

But City Hall insiders say dozens of blinds have stuck, meaning that the inside surfaces of many of the windows cannot be reached.

They complain that the cost of cleaning the 3,000-plus panes of glass that clad the building has now topped £12,000 a month, but many are still filthy. But as the windows have a diameter of 45 metres on a building that is 45 metres high at an angle of 31 degrees – well that’s an awful lot of shades!

At Appeal Shading we were wondering whether he might have missed an opportunity for some alternative options – remote control for example – after all there are a lot of blinds to open and it may save some time! Or he could consider the Aluminium Venetian blinds as they’re a good way to control the amount of light and heat; when lowered, they elegantly and effectively ensure absolute privacy – something that Boris might want to consider next time he practices his dancing techniques!

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