Launching this week: the simple, smart way to increase home security and reduce heating bills

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Increasingly, we worry about our homes when we’re not there. If they’re not being cased by burglars, they might be damaged by cold in winter or harsh UV light in summer.

From a security point of view, blinds and lighting are often used as a defensive measure. But modern burglars are wise to the old tricks – blazing lights and a TV blaring at 3am are no deterrent. Even lights going on at the same time each evening just means “timer” to them. But raising and lowering blinds (and turning on lights with smart plugs) at different times each day is another matter – we need a device so that we can control them remotely.

In the winter, a sudden cold snap can be problematic – even if our pipes don’t freeze, damp can creep into the house. To increase insulation, we want our blinds lowered. And, in the summer, if the sun suddenly bursts out from the clouds, sustained exposure to UV rays can damage plants and fade fabrics. Again, a device that lets us lower the blinds at the touch of a smart phone screen, even if we get a weather update from home while on a lounger in the Med…

The new ULTRA PLUS blinds system from Appeal puts you in control


Appeal Home Shading’s award-winning ULTRA powered blinds’ system is now available with ULTRA PLUS for your smartphone or tablet. So shading management is not only at your fingertips when you’re home, but when you’re out and about – including abroad.

ULTRA PLUS combines ULTRA motorised blinds with an easy-to-use app. With a tap and a swipe, you can raise or lower your blinds – individually, in groups or all at once. Instantly increase the insulation in your home to reduce fuel bills if the weather turns cold. Protect furniture from unexpected bright sunshine. And give potential burglars a fright. And, more simply, every day you come home to the perfect ambience.

ULTRA Smart Blinds are driven by a motor, discreetly hidden behind the headrail and powered by a rechargeable battery (lasting a year under normal use, before being charged like a mobile phone). There is no need for wiring to the mains, nor for unsightly (and potentially dangerous) dangling cords.

Choose from Roller, Pleated or Roman blinds and from over 400 fabrics. Add smart plugs or Philips Hue bulbs and  the ULTRA PLUS app will give you control over lighting and blinds together, to fine-tune your home ambience.

If you don’t want to be fiddling with the app all day, there is a timer option. ULTRA Smart Blinds can be set to rise in the morning and lower at night automatically. They can even be programmed to track the changing sunset and sunrise times for your area, opening and closing at slightly different times each day. So, if you are on a long holiday, your house gives a better impression of being occupied.

Alternatively, there are scenarios you can set to suit your daily life. For example, set a “Privacy” option which lowers the blinds only on windows which are overlooked, or a “Wake up, kids” scenario – bedroom blinds open to let the daylight in; smart plugs turn the radio and lights on, for a helpful way to get the household moving in the morning.

Simple technology – and Appeal will help you set it up

ULTRA PLUS uses intuitive symbol-based navigation, simple programming and touchscreen operation, giving you instant control with no hassle or frustrating struggles with technology.  The hub is a sleek, low-profile control unit that connects to your Wi-Fi router. Then simply download the iOS or Android app from the App Store or Google Play Store, press a button on the control unit and the hub is paired with your blinds. Within moments, you have total and effortless control over your blinds from your smartphone or tablet. Customers who already own ULTRA Smart Blinds can be upgraded swiftly and easily.

Appeal’s experienced Design Consultants and professional trained fitters will make the process of moving to ULTRA PLUS smooth and simple, helping with the set-up and making it easy for you to take complete control of your home shading.