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Slowly but surely, the days are getting shorter – and greyer, too. Autumn is almost upon us, and it’s only natural to find yourself longing for the hazy summer nights and warm, bright days. But there’s no need to wish for a time gone-by – even when there’s no hint of sunshine outside, keep your days bright with some well-chosen interiors!

If you’re a colour-phobe (believe us, there are lots around), you might be a little hesitant to start painting your walls in tones of fetching fuchsia. Don’t worry, you can just make a couple of tiny adjustments to your home to brighten it up instead. Scatter cushions are a perfect way to add colour to a room in a non-scary way. To keep things summery, try a sun-inspired colour palette: add some cushions to your sofa or bed in shades of red, orange and yellow to warm up your home.

If you’re feeling a little bolder, add try adding some throws and rugs into the mix. With a larger surface area than cushions, they can make more of an impact whilst still not overpowering a room. If you’re happy to embrace autumn but want to keep things bright, try tones of maroon, oxblood and amber. A perfect compromise between the seasons, these colours combine the hues of autumn leaves without succumbing to the grey days.

Bolder still is colourful furniture. If it’s a real impact you’re looking to make, a turquoise sofa might be exactly what you’re after. Add a couple of pink cushions and perhaps a yellow throw, and you’ve got yourself a colour palette to rival that of a midsummer carnival. Bear in mind that bright interiors are all about balance: if you’re incorporating some vivid furniture, offset it with neutral wall and floor colours so as not to blind your guests!

Prints are perfect for adding colour. If colour blocking seems a little too much, break it up with printed fabrics instead. Flower or leaf prints are ideal for keeping things summery all year round, or if you’d rather a classic print, go for stripes or spots instead. But remember – no black or white allowed!

A great way of adding colour into the home is through window dressings. A focal point without being centre-stage, windows are the perfect place to play with colour. Our roller blinds come in a huge variety of prints and shades to meet anyone’s needs: colour newbies or otherwise! Our turmeric yellow ones will bring sunshine hues into the home even when there’s no sunshine outside. Or if it’s a print you’re after, look no further than our grace mulberry roller blinds: subtle stripes in shades of purple and lilac. Discover more at