Keep presents out of view this Christmas, urge police

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Window shutters are more than just an interior design feature; they can also deter break-ins this Christmas.

According to the Staffordshire Police force, burglaries and thefts are most likely to “rocket” at this time of the year as home owners and shops put the latest Christmas wares on display.

However, if homeowners keep their blinds shut and close their curtains whenever gifts are visible, would-be burglars are much less likely to attempt a break-in.

The advice was just one of a number of measures issued by the police force this winter, the reported.

Other practical tips included disposing of all gift packaging at the tip, rather then the household bins. This will make sure that crooks aren’t aware of the existence of large gifts like televisions, or bicycles for example. Home owners should also avoid leaving gifts and sat navs inside the car, said the force.

Meanwhile,, has been advising its locals not to leave a car engine running to defrost it whilst away from the vehicle. It provides an easy opportunity for a thief to make a quick getaway in the vehicle, along with all its contents.

Commenting on the awareness campaign, which is set to have its own mascot, Mr Snowman, Staffordshire Police’s chief superintendent Jon Drake said: “This campaign focuses minds on simple advice to stay safe throughout the celebrations. We would urge residents and visitors alike to heed the guidance and enjoy all the festivities in safety.”