Joys of winter sunshine lauded

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The pleasure to be gained from winter sunshine has been talked up by one columnist.

In a piece for the Leatherhead Advertiser, Mark Davison described how he recently went to lunch with a friend at a restaurant featuring large windows and a sizeable conservatory.

Even though it was “bitterly cold”, Mr Davison appreciated the way the sun “bathed the verdant fields” around the eatery with light and noted that the winter sun was a welcome change.

He said: “The countryside around Nutfield looked splendid in the sparkling February sunshine. After many days of seemingly perpetual gloom in January, it was a breath of fresh air to see the deep blue skies and the cheery winter hues in the lanes.”

Homeowners with their own conservatories may assume that their glass extensions are best saved for the spring and summer months, but Mr Davison’s comments suggest that people can raise their conservatory blinds in the winter too.

The sporadic bouts of sunshine during the winter are not only good for people; they are also important for keeping certain plants alive when the mercury drops.

When asked by The Telegraph to pick her favourite flower for adding colour to a space with greenery, Karen Junker of Junker’s Nursery picked out the Hamamelis ‘Dishi’ for its two-toned appearance.

Ms Junker stressed that positioning is vital, so people will need to put it in a place in their conservatory that will allow the sun to reach through the plant’s flowers.