Is the conservatory the best place to photograph items?

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The conservatory is one of the best places to photograph items destined to be sold on the internet, pro-tipsters have claimed. explains that failing to capture an item in the best light – literally – could actually lessen the chances of a sale on online auction sites such as eBay.

It argues that the natural lighting in a conservatory, that can easily be adjusted with conservatory blinds, serves as a far better place for budding photographers as opposed to using a camera’s flash.

“The flash built in to most cameras isn’t likely to do you any favours, so count on a longer exposure and find a room in your house with lots of light – a conservatory, say, or a spot with a south-facing window,” it advised.

That doesn’t mean that sellers should leave cacti in the background, however. Instead, a few carefully-positioned sheets of A4 will turn what would ordinarily be a living area into a make-shift studio.

It’s then that the camera’s aperture settings come into play. Removing the flash and relying on natural light means that shutter speeds should be set slow so that as much light as possible can enter the camera. At this time, it’s essential not to make any movement whatsoever so not to blur the image.‘s Crave blog suggests that a good length of string, passed through a hook attached to the underside of the camera and pulled down to stand on with both legs, can make the ideal camera support for those who don’t have a wardrobe full of professional equipment.

Computer Active added that by following these expert tips, potential buyers “will not only get a better idea of the condition your goods are in, but more aesthetically pleasing images may lure them into bidding more for your product compared to someone else’s”.