Interior design expert offers advice on conservatory flooring

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An expert has offered some guidance on how to choose the right flooring for a conservatory.

Elizabeth Bishop, who runs her own interior design business, wrote on that homeowners have the option of carpeting such spaces, but should consider how dirt will show up on the floor.

While many people’s first thought may have been how the colour of the carpet complements other decorations such as conservatory blinds or window shutters, Ms Bishop’s first thought was about durability, ease of cleaning and the way that dirt affects the flooring.

In her opinion, a carpet made of sisal – a stiff fibre used in making twine – could be a sensible option for conservatories for this reason, claiming that it will also add warmth to the room and work well with other colours in the room.

The addition of a sisal carpet or rug was also recently highlighted as way of bring a more springtime-feel to a room by a representative from Ugly Duckling Designs. Wendi Diersing told that this “classic” material is not expensive and is well suited to the spring as well as summer.

She explained that it is partly down to its lightweight nature, noting that people can change between the seasons by swapping an accent rug for a sisal alternative when the weather begins to brighten up.