Horticultural conservatories offer sense of solace

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A conservatory filled with exotic plants offers people a sense of solace, according to one wildlife enthusiast.

John Zvirovski wrote in the Jamestown Sun that he needs to drive up to six hours to see a really good one that features a good range of unusual and intriguing flowers.

Yet he urged anyone who has the chance to visit one if they want to get away from it all and relax. The journalist pointed out that the quantity of natural light – which can be controlled using conservatory blinds – along with the heated environment allows gardeners to grow tropical plants.

Mr Zvirovski noted that people have been enjoying exotic plants in this way for hundreds of years, saying: “Conservatories have been around since the ancient days of the Chinese and Roman empires when they searched out ways to protect fragile plants from the cold.”

One plant family that is notoriously temperamental is the orchid, which has frustrated gardening enthusiasts as they attempt to get the temperature and light just right for it to grow properly.

As a result, such exotic flowers will often be housed in conservatories in which these two factors can be controlled. StarTribune reported that the upcoming Winter Carnival Orchid Show is to be held at Marjorie McNeely Conservatory and there is no doubt that the mercury will be high over the course of the event.

The occasion sees private and commercial orchid growers battle it out for prizes, creating a “tropical wonderland” in the conservatory.